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About Animal Reiki Sessions

My approach to working with animals and Reiki by creating a gentle, peaceful and meditative environment for yourself and your pet. Animals are given control of the session and are allowed to say “yes” or “no” to the session as well as determining the way the session will unfold. I always honor the animal’s wishes. This is a sacred space for them and I will always respect their space.

  • I always begin by asking permission from the animal, or by setting an intention that we are open to facilitate the healing process for the animal for as much energy as they are open to receive, or none at all (this is a form of permission).
  • I do not initiate hands-on contact when working with any animal. I always allow the animal to be the one to initiate contact. They may or may not move closer to me, they may turn their back to me or animals that have been traumatized may even leave the room or hide (they may not want to seen accepting treatment).
  • The animal is allowed to move freely in the session space. By paying attention to what the animal is telling me by their behavior about how he or she wants to be given the session.
  • I invite the pet parents/guardians to meditate with me and assist in keeping the space sacred and free of energies that may become disruptive and/or upsetting to the animal. I ask that only others that a part of the household or facility where the animals live be present and the number of people be kept to a minimum.
  • The session may be as short as 15 minutes or as long as sixty minutes. The length of the session is always determined by the animal. They will take as little or as much healing as they need.

After we finish the session, I thank the animal for participation in the session, and ask if they have any insight for us to discuss with their pet parent or guardian. Often the communication will come during the session, not afterward. Sometimes they will only accept Reiki and may not have anything to communicate with us. Again, they control the session.

Please connect with me with any concerns or questions.

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Animal Reiki Session – $50 – 1 hour

Remote Session – $40 – 1 hour

Gift certificates are available upon request



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Here is a wonderful video that explains Animal Reiki: