I am not a Animal “Whisperer”; when Animals speak to me, I Listen. And I am blessed that they speak to me often!

My path to Animal Reiki came naturally.

I began practicing energy work and animal communication while working as a Veterinary Assistant for a holistic pet hospital in San Anselmo, California in 2005. I went on to work at a 24-hour emergency pet hospital in the Bay Area where I assisted numerous pets and their owners during emergencies and end-of-life transitions in the evenings, and worked with an oncologist her canine cancer patients during the day.

Feeling called to sit with the pet patients in various stages of recovery from injuries and illness, I started doing my own type of “rounds” at the hospital, before and after my work shifts.

Two experiences changed me forever:

A cat patient had eaten rat poison, and was not expected to live due to the fact that there is a small  window of time that the poison needs to be eliminated from the body. This kitty was past the window of time. As a matter of fact, he was very near death when I went to him. As I sat with him, a wave washed over me, and my heart told me that this cat was not going to die. He was simply stronger than anyone had been aware and was giving a tremendous fight to survive.

About an hour later, a coworker came up to me and told me that the kitty was pulling through and everyone was amazed. They had never seen an animal pull through after reaching the final stage of the effects of the poison. Kitty went home 2 days later.

The second experience was that of a Basset Hound named Sam, would had been brought in after being hit by a car. Sam was the first animal to clearly communicate with me.

He needed emergency surgery, which lasted about 6 hours. Sadly, Sam was not going to survive, and we had made him as comfortable as possible while we waited for his owners to return. A coworker came up to me and said, “Karen, you need to go sit with Sam.” (She was the only person in the hospital that knew I had been doing energy work with the patients – not because I told her – she just picked up on it.)

I went to Sam, who was placed on the floor on padding (and not in a kennel that would have been uncomfortable for him). I sat on the floor next to him, he was unconscious and I sensed that he was ready to transition, but not in much pain. My coworker came and sat with us. Sam started “running” in his sleep. It was then that I heard Sam say, “I’m running home”. I thanked him, blessed him and let him go in love. His owners did not make it in time to say goodbye to Sam, and when they arrived, I let them know that he was not alone.

Since I left California, I have provided healing energy work and Animal Reiki for cats, dogs, reptiles, exotic avian varieties, rodents, marsupials, stray animals and wildlife. It is my calling and life purpose to work with the animal kingdom.

I continue to advance my education every day, and the animals are my greatest teachers.

Thank you to all the veterinarians that allowed me to roam the treatment area freely and go where I was called by the patients. A special thank you to Kathleen Prasad of Animal Reiki Source for bringing her vision of healing and giving a voice to the animals.


Animal Reiki Practitioner/Animal Communicator


My Power of 3:
Vinnie, Lyle and Joey
My greatest Teachers in Life,
and devoted Guides on their infinite journey.









  And now, Mick…